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Lost and Found

The Alley of Light is about turning a lost space into a place for people. The committee is a grassroots initiative that aims to transform an uninviting alley into a place with character and identity.

It continues this weekend from dusk on February 25 to dusk on February 26 when IllumiNITE exhibits a gallery of light sculptures and structures from local artists in the alley behind Jasper Avenue at 104 Street. It will address the aesthetic quality of the alley by adding visual interest, bringing beauty and joy through an unexpected burst of activity and light. In 24 hours, artists, designers and community members will come together to reclaim and revitalize a commercial alley through art.

This void in the urban fabric finds new meaning when a community takes ownership and creates events and artworks that celebrate the diversity, intricacy and visual delight of the built environment. The process of place making is just as important as the final product.

The project proves that a group of citizens can have a sense of control over their environment. By encouraging participation, the project allows the opportunity for people to put their own stamp on a space, giving the street a stronger sense of place and security. It is an example of community groups and municipalities working on a human scale, closing the gap between planners of urban design and the end user of built environment.