Collections are fascinating. The artist behind the blog A Collection A Day, Lisa Congdon said, "I think that ordinary objects become something different when they’re arranged with other like things… Seeing things with other like things helps us to see them in new ways." A well-curated group of objects say a lot about the person who was attracted to them and who gathered them together. It also tells us something about the culture and history of the people or places the objects belong to. Cool Stuff brings the artifacts and artworks in the UofA Museums' collection together for a winter party at the Enterprise Square Campus until the end of March. For free.

If you want to know more about the thought that goes into selecting the things that go into the show,  visit the exhibition at 12 PM on March 29, when curator Jim Corrigan will be giving a tour. And for those creative people who say nature is a huge inspiration, John Acorn "the Nature Nut" speaks about how nature responds to winter in our city this Thursday March 15, at noon.