Designers and Artisans Tour, Day 1 Mexico City

First thing after breakfast, we trundled over in a mini-bus to a big-city design house that hires Indigenous artisans throughout Mexico to weave and embroider their garments. The founder and Artistic Director of the label Carla Fernandez comes from Saltillo, Coahuila, a place known for it’s woven serapes. Now based in Mexico City, she and her team have built a collection of couture and ready to w(e)ar pieces as well as other objects and accessories. I just had to buy the Tecúan mask made by artisans from San Francisco Ozamatlán, Guerrero. Angélica García was kind to model the garment that was worn in the women’s march on Washington DC in 2017. Need I say more?

words of  nayyirah waheed , design by carla fernandez, modelled by angélica garcia

words of nayyirah waheed, design by carla fernandez, modelled by angélica garcia

Moving from downtown to historic centre, we found ourselves in awe of the architecture and marvelling at the crown jewel of Mexico City, the Zocalo, just as the guards were taking down the flag for the night.

Dinner was swell, despite being creepy.